Western Days in Temecula May 16& 17, 2015

Performances and shootouts throughout the weekend at the corner of 4th and Front Streets in Old Town Temecula. Bank robbery and big shootout at high noon at the intersection of Main and Front Streets.

Western Days shootout at the Bank

Pictured above are the badguys on Main Street after the bank robbery and shootout during Western Days 2011

eWinner of the duel

Western Days SPONSORS

1. Rancho Fruit Market
2. La Menagerie
3. Spice Merchant  
4. Old Town Root Beer Co.  
5. Temecula Lavender Co.
6. Harmony	 
7. Cheese Company
8. Old Town Tattoo   
9. Olde Town Smoke Shoppe 
10. Brandi and Friends	 
11. E.A.T.S.  
12. VaRRA  
13. Penny Anne
14. Gardner's Cottage      


Mad Madeline's Grill  
Bank of Mexican Food  
3rd Street Smokehouse  
Rose's Cantina  
Nitzi Pizza