Women with frying pans and rolling pins with cowboy men cowering

Gunfighters represent the post-Civil War era from about the 1870's to about the 1890's. The era of the Wild West was hustled in as a result of the Gold Rush, the end of the Civil War, the eastern cities need for meat from the cattle industry, and the United States desire to sew this continent together with railroads.

The west was first filled by men looking to get rich and men just looking to have a piece of land they could call their own. Those first men to travel west where tough and lawless, they made their own justice. Next came saloon keepers, Soiled Doves and gamblers. When the merchants started arriving they brought their wives and the wives said there will be law and order. Enter the town marshal the county sheriff and the circuit judge.

In all of the cow towns of the old west there was a line through the town. The good folks on one side and the cowboys, ruffians and ladies of the evening on the other. No where in history have elements such as these come together to create such a unique and interesting time.